Front office Vs. Back Office, know the differences

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A lot of businesses are starting to use a third-party provider for their activities and processes as an innovation strategy and to level up their competitiveness, that’s when the front and back office are structured. Know the differences and which strategy is the right one for you.

Their responsibilities nature.

Front and back office have different activities with different purposes, from one point, the front office wants to manage all the client interactions, either online or offline, giving an external opinion to have a better a brand image and increase the client satisfaction.

Back office on the other side, facilitates and makes every activity that doesn’t primarily are included in the income generation, but they are needed in order to the front office to work efficiently.

In the manufacturing industry, the front office is dedicated to sales and customer service, while back office is on the production and quality process.

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Which departments dose back office outsource?

Back office is focused in the employee management, documents and data base administration, invoice generation and payments, the departments that work well with back office are:

  • Finances
  • Communications
  • HR
  • IT
  • Accounting


Which departments dose back office outsource?

The front office characteristics are to welcome clients with kindness and courtesy, listening to them and making sure their needs are met with the help of the back office operations, all this while they get new clients for the company, facilitating their response time to the prospects.

That’s why the front office works in the following departments:

  • Sales
  • Costumer Service
  • Marketing
  • Public Relationships

Now that you know the differences between this two areas in BPO, you have to recognize that the benefits that they bring to your company can be useful, from cutting your costs and eliminating risk since you work with experts in each department, to improving the efficiency and efficacy of your process so you can focus on the main activities of the products or services that bring an income to your company.

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