Why is Mexico the leading nearshoring country in Latin America?

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Nearshoring in Latin America is mainly located in Mexico.

Want to know what Mexico’s advantages are and why foreign manufacturing companies are turning their attention to it?

Read on and find out….


Near-shoring is a trend that started in Mexico in mid-2021, bringing to the country a large number of companies that generate their productions here. The nearshoring in Mexico allows to have great logistical and legislative advantage, mainly because of the trade agreement between Mexico, the United States and Canada.


Nearshoring is translated as near offshoring and is the practice of transferring the commercial operation to a nearby country. But, above all, one that has commercial and productive advantages over others.



The T-MEC in Mexico and nearshoring


The T-MEC or the Trade Agreement between Mexico, the United States and Canada, has shown its negative effects on the practice of nearshoring in Mexico.

As we all know, the T-MEC allows Mexico to trade freely with these and other countries. This translates into logistical and productive ease.

Mexico is a country with industrial labor costs well below many countries, which is one of the main reasons why companies are interested in the country. On the other hand, the trade facility provided by the T-MEC is amazing, and with it the relocation or creation of new manufacturing plants in Mexico is possible.



What are Mexico’s competitive advantages over other Latin American countries?


There are some of the country’s own qualities that generate a great deal of competitiveness, but others that, above all, have been commercial strategies that benefit the processes of the companies.


As we have already said, the Trade Agreement between Mexico, USA and Canada is the main advantage over other countries.

Another advantage is the proximity between Mexico and the United States and Canada. For obvious reasons, much of the process is easier with countries that are close and easily accessible.


Fast and secure supply chains are another factor that facilitates the entire process and, above all, allows for the care of the merchandise. Mexico has all the means, routes and permits that allow the speed and effectiveness necessary to fulfill its mission.


The performance and high quality that the Mexican industry employs in local and foreign productions is exceptional. We are a country that manufactures the best automotive parts in the world and we have highly qualified personnel for the job.


In short, these are some of the main advantages that Mexico has over other countries. That is why nearshoring in Latin America has a lot of work to do. Mexico is leading the way and is constantly improving its processes and quality.



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