How to have better nearshore development?

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In the landscape of supply chain management, one term has gained increasing significance: nearshoring

The past few years have seen nearshore outsourcing as a key strategy for businesses seeking to enhance supply chain resilience and efficiency. 

Let’s explore how you can optimize your nearshore development for the best results! 


Understanding Nearshore Outsourcing

Nearshore outsourcing is the strategic process of shifting production from distant overseas locations to nearby countries that share similar markets, languages, or time zones. 

The Mexico nearshoring phenomenon has gained substantial momentum, primarily due to the disruptions that supply chains experienced during and after the global pandemic.

Companies opt for nearshoring services to tap into a qualified workforce, reduce labor costs, and enjoy the perks of being closer to their home markets.


Current State of Nearshoring Development

North America is currently witnessing a nearshoring boom that rivals the migration to China in the 1990s, with Mexico taking the center stage. 

According to May 2023 data from the U.S. Census Bureau, Mexico leads the list of the United States’ top trade partners, accounting for 15.9% of total trade. 

A combination of new tariffs, unpredictable COVID lockdowns, and geopolitical tensions has diminished China’s appeal as a manufacturing hub. 

These issues, along with long transportation distances, poor supply chain management, language barriers, and cultural mismatches, have made offshoring a riskier endeavor.


Choosing the Right Nearshoring Destination

Selecting the right nearshore solutions and destination is a pivotal decision for businesses. 

The ideal destination depends on various factors, including:

  • What you are producing.
  • Your willingness to pay for labor.
  • The importance of free trade.
  • The talent you need.
  • Required infrastructure.
  • Concerns about intellectual property rights. 
  • Sustainability objectives.
  • Distribution channels. 

Answering these questions will help nearshoring companies narrow down the destination that aligns with their needs.


The Best Answer: Mexico Nearshoring

Mexico has risen to prominence as the go-to nearshoring development destination. There are two several reasons behind Mexico’s popularity:



Mexico’s geographical closeness to the United States shortens the supply chain management, allowing businesses to distribute products across the entire United States with ease. 

“Maquiladoras” continue to grow, further incentivizing U.S. companies to shift away from China.


United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA)

Implemented in 2020, the USMCA offers duty-free incentives for nearshoring companies manufacturing in North America. 

This trade agreement has enabled manufacturers in North America to compete with low-wage countries while maintaining safety and economic protections for workers.


More Information of Nearshoring in Mexico Here!

Those who adapt and optimize their nearshore development will position themselves for success in the ever-changing global market.

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