Santander forecasts another impressive year for Mexico’s economy

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In the wake of an impressive growth streak in Mexico’s economy in 2023, Felipe García Ascencio, Santander Mexico’s CEO, anticipates another robust year ahead. 

Cautiously optimistic, he highlighted the need for cohesive societal organization to sustain Mexico’s momentum, particularly concerning nearshoring initiatives. 

Emphasizing the crucial roles of public-private cooperation in investment, infrastructure, education, and healthcare, Ascencio underscored the importance of creating an enabling environment for continued growth.

Economic Growth: Strategic Societal Collaboration

Ascencio stressed the significance of societal alignment to maximize the potential of nearshoring investment strategies

For Mexico’s growth trajectory to persist, he urged harmonious efforts from both private and public sectors. 

The collaboration would be pivotal in addressing infrastructure challenges, nurturing educational reforms, and enhancing healthcare provisions, all essential for bolstering Mexico’s economic ecosystem.

Investment Pledge and Continued Support for Nearshoring

Santander’s unwavering commitment to nearshoring initiatives was underscored by Ascencio, emphasizing the institution’s intention to invest further in this direction. 

This strategic investment aims to fuel sustained economic expansion, promote real wage increases, and fortify domestic consumption and markets. 

The CEO’s assurance signals continued support and financial backing toward fostering an environment conducive to long-term economic development.

Post-Election Economic Expectations

While acknowledging the possibility of a temporary economic slowdown post the 2024 presidential elections, Ascencio remained cautiously optimistic about sustaining Mexico’s growth trajectory. 

He highlighted the historic tendency for a brief deceleration following such electoral events. 

Despite this, he remained hopeful that subsequent years would capitalize on the potential of nearshoring initiatives, propelling economic advantages in the forthcoming years.

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Santander’s optimistic outlook underscores Mexico’s potential for continued economic prosperity in 2024.

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