Tips for employee retention.

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All personnel within our company are essential for its proper functioning, so keeping our collaborators of the different areas in optimal conditions will guarantee better results, but it is impossible to deny the existence of high turnover in some areas. Here, we tell you how to apply an employee strategy retention and how to achieve a change with an HR implant.


What is staff retention?

Staff retention is the action accompanied by HR strategies to avoid high staff turnover, since this harms day-to-day activities and causes higher expenses in training and recruitment of fresh staff.

The best thing for a company and its productivity is to have personnel who stay with the company as long as possible, since they already know the processes and are integrated into the current work groups of the organization.

Did you know that staff retention is often related to the efficiency of the HR department? Visit our blog “4 Ways to be an efficient maintenance department” and improve your HR department now!


Employee retention codes

In cases of lacking an HR department, many companies administrated their personnel with a third-party company. Want to know more? Visit our blog “Why is important the third-party personnel administration in your company?” This reduces costs and improves efficiency.

Now, we will give you some essential employee strategy to avoid high turnover in this area once the leakage of personnel has been identified:


Develop internal programs for job growth

Try to develop a plan that rewards staff and encourages their permanence in the company.

Grants bonuses and other benefits

Allocating financial resources for the development of work reward programs is an important strategy, since it shows the employee how important his role is for the company.

Assertive feedback

It is important that employees receive assertive feedback on their work, this raises their expectations and helps improve employee-supervisor communication.

Improve benefits and wages

Investing more in payroll can help reduce the high turnover levels. For this, it is necessary to work from the financial area and see the possibility of implementing it without generating higher costs.

Have a fair and efficient work distribution

many times, the leak is due to excessive charges of working hours, and employees resent the possible lack of personnel with the overload of their own responsibilities.

These and some other keys that can help retain cleaning staff in your company.

Strategies for staff retention depend on the needs of your company, but some keys are applicable in various areas. Would you like to know more about these strategies? Visit our blog “3 employee retention strategies with an HR implant» and discover how you can apply them in your company.

How to identify the high turnover?

With the help of an HR expert/implant, we can establish the cleaning staff strategy parameters for post analysis, this to identify whether it is organizational, financial or from another nature.

Do you know what an implant is? It is a specialized strategy to identify this type of internal problems and create strategies to solve them. Visit our blog “3 costs that an implant saves in your company” to know how an implant works and its benefits.

At Zeu Group, we are convinced that a good & specialized HR implant strategy will increase employee retention. It is the best way to carry out the situational analysis of your company and the implementation of the plan. relevant action.

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