In-house payroll Vs. Payroll Outsource in Mexico

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Every task is important inside the human resources department in order to have an efficient operation from a company, whatsoever must of the businesses don’t know the meaning of each activity and how it can help them improve their productivity. Know how an in-house and outsource payroll differentiates from each other in Mexico.

In-House Payroll

The in-house payroll is known as the responsibility of the H.R. department to make every exact salary payment to their employees and then register these in their expenses.

Normally, this is a team work between the finances and human resources in which they most:

  • Recollect payment, fiscal and social security data
  • Register their working hours and productiveness to calculate their monetary salary, like extra hours and base salary
  • Make the deductions according to their benefits

The ones that belong in these departments and are in charge of making these activities have to be analytical to solve problems with the payments, have knowledge of payroll administration platforms and mathematical skills to make the right calculations of the salaries.

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Payroll Outsource

A payroll outsource service is a third-party expert in the Mexican payroll subject and can be responsible for all the same activities that has an in-house payroll but with lower costs.

Is very important to understand that in the payroll outsource service the employees are still under contract of the main company, the payroll provider will only:

  • Make the right calculations of their salary
  • The deductions of their salary according to their benefits and what the law says
  • Legal fulfillment of the working benefits and social security


Advantages of going with a payroll service provider in Mexico

The advantages of having a payroll service with a provider when you have operation in Mexico can go from reducing the work load of your administrative employees, to cutting costs due to eliminating the need of a payroll department.

Another advantage of the payroll service in Mexico is that you can be sure that your workers have the right salary payments and benefits, avoiding fines and the negative productivity of their other departments.

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