What are the payrolling solutions in Mexico?

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In the business world it is very common to talk about the system of payment of salaries to employees, better known as payroll, what is not always said is the complexity of this tool that allows systematizing the calculation of salaries according to the information of each collaborator. These are the 5 main problems that companies face when calculating salaries:

  • Current regulations.

The payroll process must be based on the laws and regulations of the SAT, and these must be constantly reviewed, as they change all the time, otherwise the law could be breached without realizing it.


  • Disorganized process.

The payroll process requires a precise structure, it cannot be improvised in any way. Generally this process is based on a well defined planning of each moment, any inaccuracy could cause a miscalculation and bring with it several problems that no company wants to face legally.


  • Delayed payments.

Each company defines the term in which it pays salaries, however, once defined, it must be complied with, for example: weekly, every fourteen days or every two weeks, if not complied with, the company could be subject to a type of fine.


  • Omission of salary withholdings.

One of the most important parts of the payroll process are the salary withholdings, which are commonly destined to meet the payment of medical expenses, housing and savings systems, these must be calculated correctly to comply in time with the legal requirements.


  • Lack of an accounting service.

As previously mentioned, the payroll process is extremely important, it has been proven that companies that have an accounting service have a lower margin of error practically null, which leads the company to have an excellent status with the financial institutions, besides being the best payroll solution, it allows companies to focus their attention on their business, without worrying about salaries.


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