Quality Assurance vs. Quality Control

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Quality assurance is the set of actions a company takes to verify that its products meet the characteristics and function properly. On the other hand, quality control is the implementation of programs, mechanisms and tools or even methods used by a company to improve its products or services and productivity.


Both quality assurance and quality control aim to care for and improve the quality delivered to customers in their goods and services.


What is the importance of quality assurance and quality control?


In this case quality assurance focuses on the production processes and manufacturing output, but quality control focuses on the quality inspection of the products to assess them and check that they pass the established quality standards, in order to send them to the customers.


Although they seem to be the same thing, in reality the two concepts are complementary, since quality assurance intervenes first to prevent quality deficiencies from occurring, while quality control detects them, in case some have been overlooked or arise in practice.


Quality assurance plan

A quality assurance plan is a guide to good engineering practices that will contribute to proper product development. The purpose of the quality assurance is to guarantee to the clients the fulfillment of the attributes, specifications, legal and technological requirements established in the project.


Quality control plan

The quality control plan is a set of elements that aims to inform about the processes and methodologies that must be implemented to obtain the desired product, i.e., the quality standards that the product must meet to be considered good.

Another objective of quality control is to ensure that products are aligned with the company’s goals and objectives in order to achieve a better result.


How can you improve the quality of your company’s products?

All manufacturing companies require a strict quality system to make processes more efficient and avoid wasting resources, that’s why you should delegate this mission to quality experts.


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