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Talking about companies is synonymous with change and constant innovation, because the environment in which they are, constantly seeks to stand out from the competition and does so by innovating. For some years now, companies have been betting on the expansion of their services and the merger of forces with other companies.

Have you heard about shelter companies?

Surely yes, and if not, here we tell you what you should know about these companies and their role in the business world.

The concept is used when a foreign or foreign company is interested in developing and expanding its services in Mexico, to achieve this, it seeks to create a partnership with an established local company, which has the function of seeking options for location, equipment and labor.

The local company can provide assistance and protection to the foreign company even in the legal aspect, in this way it is not necessary to have its own presence to start its operations in the country.

Now, why choose a shelter company in the country?

Although there are many reasons that position shelter companies as the best option to start operations in a new place, undoubtedly, the opportunity to create a partnership with an established company is one of the main ones.

As already mentioned, by having a partnership, the local company is in charge of the search for locations to physically establish the company, equipment and personnel, so they are of great help to streamline the process and save time and money.

Among other advantages of the shelter companies, are those related to the reduction of costs, an important point for the companies that initiate operations and that look for to reduce the costs, for example, in:
Recruitment of personnel.
Reduction of customs costs.
Reduction of start-up expenses.

Where to find a shelter company?

Grupo ZEU stands out for being a shelter company that generates partnerships with foreign and foreign companies, to whom it opens the way in the Mexican industry to expand the scope of its products and services, consolidating its successful development in the Mexican market.

We offer to minimize risk and liability, you will be able to operate under our Mexican legal entity, while the group will have to rent its facilities, hire and pay employees and comply with legal regulations, without losing control of your company.

Grupo ZEU provides you with the facilities and benefits that have been acquired during our trajectory, offering a better entry into the industry and facilitating your development. As your consultant we ensure to provide you with the necessary legal permits through our company.

We will contact you to provide you with the information you need to relocate your company anywhere in Mexico.


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