6 ideas to improve your company’s internal communication

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Internal communication aims to optimize company processes through the management of communication between internal audiences, such as employees and leaders. The correct management of organizational communication, as it is also called, causes the increase of efficiency and quality in the results and the improvement of the work environment.


One of the internal communication strategies to improve the company’s processes is the correct management of the work environment.

For this purpose, team building activities are implemented. These activities bring together managers, coordinators and personnel in general, so that they can get to know each other better.



What are the benefits of managing internal communication?


Problem solving

When people have the information they need to do their jobs, it is easier to solve problems that may arise, as well as teamwork and joint collaboration.


Time optimization

The documentation of processes and the gathering of information that is generally found in corporate manuals, facilitates processes and thus optimizes time and effort.


Stability of the work environment

Recognizing employees and bringing the company’s values into reality generates a comfortable and reliable work environment.


5 ideas to improve internal communication in your company


  1. HR Department

Your support in internal communication strategies is indispensable, and in companies that do not have an organizational communication department, it is necessary to strengthen the role of HR communicator.



  1. Corporate and welcome manual

This will help to know and understand the company, to introduce new employees, so it should contain: the company’s objectives, internal regulations, the values that define it, and the organization chart.


  1. Periodic meetings

The meetings allow to plan strategies to periodically improve the internal communication and with it the corporate processes, besides evaluating the already implemented ones.


  1. Digital media

The means of communication are now digital and can be used to receive suggestions and opinions in an impersonal way, so that it is a safe medium for employees.


  1. Interviews

Who better than the employees themselves, who can tell us what works and what doesn’t work for them to communicate with each other and receive feedback from management. Interviews are the most real and truthful way to receive feedback.


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