Everything you need to know about occupational psychology

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Probably you have heard before about the occupational psychology due to the high role that psychologists play in the recruitment and selection of the right personnel, still don’t understand how? Let me tell you everything about occupational psychology!

What is occupational psychology?

It’s the application of the psychology science to the study of the human behavior in the workplace and as a piece in an organization.

Some companies include the knowledge of a psychologist in the recruitment area or hhrr department. Their functions can go from recruiting, job positions analysis, admissions and performance evaluation, plus the training of employees and following the work and heath conditions.

Benefits of hiring a psychologist for the company

Having a psychologist in the human resources department can be the difference, they will take charge of the employee recruitment using veridic evidence.

Another benefit that brings hiring a psychologist is the balance that can bring to the business, getting employees to meet the standards of productivity while getting their work rights and health benefits.

So basically, the psychologist will be a mediator between the workforce and the company, avoiding conflicts between them.

Benefits of hiring a psychologist for the employees

On the other hand, the employees that get thousands of benefits because getting constant training and advising on the performing of their tasks will get them a better professional profile and allow them to do their job better.

In other cases, the experience of a professional is indispensable and the employees can count on the orientation of a psychologist to level up their performance and solve any doubt that pops up in the road.

They must see the psychologist as an ally to their needs and not just a tool of the business.


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