Administration of trial period personnel for the correct selection of personnel

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Nowadays it’s important to carry out the correct selection of personnel in your company, because its more expensive to make the mistake of not having the most skilled talent, than having a more tedious Business Process Outsourcing. Here we tell you how to do it with the recruitment of trial period personnel and ways for personnel management


What is Trial Period Personnel Management?

Firstly, before an employee begins to carry out tasks within a company, it is normal to be required to verify that their work level, knowledge, and experience, are in accordance with the expectations for the position.

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That is why many companies reach an agreement with the new employees to sign a fixed-term contract in which these aspects will be evaluated, and it will be determined if the worker is given an official employment contract.

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Trial Period BPO Characteristics

Just like a normal contract of indefinite time, the employees who are recruited by a Trial Period BPO company must have the same benefits and rights indicated by law, such as:

  • Bonus
  • Vacation Bonus
  • Breaks

On the other hand, the durations indicated by law for this type of contract are from 3 to 6 months to evaluate the employees under the subcontracting of test personnel.

To perform this type of service, it will be necessary for the test BPO Company to have its REPSE registration. At Zeu Group, we operate within the entire legal framework to provide you the best service. You can check our registration here. 


When should I hire a Trial Period Staff BPO Company?


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