Tax compliance in Mexico

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Tax compliance is the legal obligation of individuals with an active economic activity. This is necessary to prove the economic income of each person in order to calculate, declare and file taxes in Mexico before the SAT.

The SAT is a Mexican governmental institution and it is in charge of making the legal and fiscal persons contribute in a proportional and equitable way to the public expense with the presentation of their taxes.

How to know what kind of taxes you should file in Mexico?

One of the most relevant data that you must take into account to know what type of taxes to file is your economic activity and tax regime, among them, are the legal entities and individuals.

In simple terms, individuals are any individual who performs an activity as a salesperson, professional, employee, etc. On the other hand, legal entities have the capacity to acquire goods, have a legal personality and are generally employers.

Importance of complying with the tax return

In Mexico, the tax return is considered one of the most important fiscal obligations and those who do not comply with this obligation can be fined for non-compliance or even sent to jail.

How can you calculate and file your taxes?

The process of calculating and filing taxes can be complex, especially for foreigners who have an economic activity in Mexico.

For this reason, Grupo Zeu offers its government and legal compliance service, in which it provides advice and support in legal processes such as tax returns.

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