Selection of the right employees to avoid ressignations

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Its not a surprise that modern companies fail to get employees compromised with the objectives and business goal, if there is not clear interest with the selection of the right employees there is no way on how to avoid resignations.

That is why, implementing the right selection process can be a solution to high rotation levels in a company. Which is the right way to make an employee selection?

Know the needs of your business

Once its clear what is that the new employee is going to do, what are the pain points that will attend and why are you searching for a new hire, then you can start the professional search.

Define the job position

This will help the previous point of getting clear the responsibilities that the employee will be in charge of, but this will help your recruiters define a professional profile to find in the market.

Establish a great communication

Making the candidates know that they can communicate any doubt and possible problem is very important to transmit trust and seriousness. Providing different contacting channels will be very useful.

Deep resume inspection

You can’t leave behind the levels of studies, job references and previous experiences. This information will aloe you to make a better employee selection so they don’t leave faster and at the same time you can considerate them to future plans.

Tests application

Is recommended that previously to selecting an employee, there is a knowledge and aptitudes test applicated in order to evaluate the performance that they could achieve working with you.

Long details interviews

We usually think that basic questions or technicalities will be enough but in reality, is very important to stablish questions that will allows us to understand what motivates the prospect to get the job and their genuine interest.

Candidates evauation

After you have all the information about a candidate, then it comes the part of evaluating a candidate that has postulated, in here is where you eliminate all the profiles that doesn’t meet your requirements.


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