The resignation increases in Mexico

Jun 27, 2022 | Employee resignation | 0 Comentarios

A fenomenom of massive employee resignation or resignation increases is occurring right now on an international level, this represents a threat to the companies that already had high levels of employee rotation.

This movement of work resignation started at countries like the United States and the United Kingdom, where COVID-19 was one of the main motives to give up, but even after the pandemic is still happening for different reasons. Things like better salaries or better work conditions are leading employees to leave their actual jobs in order to find something better.

Whatsoever, Mexico is a special case of study.

In this country the main employee resignation causes are:

  • Unsafe and insecure work conditions
  • Search for a better salary
  • Re-start studies
  • Pregnancy
  • Conflict in the work area

Is very important to highlight that even though these are the main work resignation causes, we must not forget that there are still people who can be privileged of leaving a job so easily. With a social contrast, there is not enough job offers in the country to attend all the increasing demand.

On the other hand, as a company or business, there is a lot to improve if you want that your employees to be interested in still working with you. Start by analyzing what you offer like work environment, salaries, work benefits and many other characteristics that you give.

As an international organization, is so hard to identify when your offers are below or above the market. That’s why and most importantly in these inconsistent times, businesses are recurring to shelter companies to operate in Mexico.


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