About us

Know what makes us a great business

Grupo Zeu born to sow success and economic welfare in the businesses, no matter their level. All our members workday by day into them, feeling proud for the impulse they give to clients and companies, developing them and increasing their force based in strategy, effort, constancy and well done.


Create businesses that apport life quality for clients and collaborators.


Offer answers to big problems that are heavy for humanity, providing integral business vision through premium services and innovating solutions for manufacturing companies, corporates and global businesses to guarantee satisfaction in all interested parts.

5 year vision

For 2026 we’re going to be the Business Group with exponential growth of five times in five years (5×5), with Global Presence that offers Premium Services and Innovating Shelter Solutions , Backoffice Outsourcing, Quality Assurance, 3PL and 4PL, Staffing, Personnel and Recruitment outsourcing, Digital Marketing B2B, Fiscal and Accounting preferred by manufacturers, corporates, businesses, entrepreneur and businessman.

We are distinguished by our competitors for the extraordinary treat with our collaborators, the exceptional quality of a Premium Service and high value that we proportionate to our clients, for the operative effectivity of all our businesses, our technology leadership, high value of our actionists, our community contribution, high level of commitment to accomplish the appliable requisites and continuous improvementof our processes.

Our history

Grupo Zeu members have something in common: we write successful stories, those that shows that all business can achieve a lot of things if its proposed. Behind each organization, we find an overcoming story that inspires and make you think a little bit more in matter of taking decisions.


In Saltillo, Coahuila a dream starts with the first focal point for quality control services of manufacturer industry.


Service diversification, including outsourcing.


American alliances were born for Join Venture.


We start our expansion in Mexico, we opened focal points in Silao, Guanajuato and San Luis Potosí.


We inaugurate our 4th focal point, this time in Apodaca, Nuevo León.


We start the developing in home of our own ERP system.


We achieved our ISO 9001:2015 certificate and D-U-N-S number.


Consodilate our corporative in Saltillo, Coahuila.


Restructured our financial, operative and commercial areas focused in exponential growth strategy.


Grupo Zeu Mexican Industrial as a Brand.
We inaugurate our 5th focal point in Toluca, Edo Mex. Launched our Human Resources division.
Launched our Human Resources division.


Our financial and accounting division born.
We achieve the pandemic crisis.
We get our ISO 9001:205 certify in all our Grupo Zeu divisions.
We start the developing of projects for Government.


We launch our new digital marketing division.
We opened our brand in USA.
We growth a 240%.
We opened our 6th focal point, now in Queretaro.

We keep writing success stories!


Our organizational culture is defined by thoughts that directed us to accomplish our objective, mission and vision through concrete actions in our routine.

Be good

Being honest, punctual, clean, responsible and worker.

Do good

Make everything alright from the start.


Give more than you receive: to the family, work, society. At the end this makes you feel well-being, which is synonym of plenty happiness.

Have good

If you accomplish the last three steps in that order, you will achieve the have good of money and material things.

Our values

S.E.R.V.I.C.E Model


The business success is based on the exact hours administration.


We value the person.


We cultivate and create a connection with each relationship.


Strategic focus to keep growing and undertaking.


We honor quality and create excellence.


We collaborate, we add efforts and multiply achievements.


We have the capacity of speed, flexible and optimistic answer.

Pillars of our business

Keep our focus in objectives and business goals that allows us to being leaders in BPO and Shelter services, for this, our focus works the administrative management from four pillar that allow us to operate under international standards in our sector.

Collaborator focus

Client focus

Exponential growth focus

Convivence focus

Quality Policy

We are the best commercial partner of life quality for clients and collaborators, offering answers to big problems that are heavier on humanity, apporting integral business vision through premium services and Innovating Shelter Solutions, Backoffice Outsourcing, Quality Assurance, 3PL and 4PL, Staffing, Personnel Outsourcing, Recruitment, Digital Marketing B2B, Fiscal and Accounting aligned with our clients processes, with the promise of an experience based on connections, quality, technology and high commitment level for better improving, legal requisites compliance and quality system objectives.

Security and health Policy

In Grupo Zeu, anything is more important that our commitment with health, security and injuries prevention:

Develop a positive health culture and safety on which individuals take care of themselves and other ones and shared our belief about the achieve of zero injuries is possible.