Nearshoring Service

Mexico is categorized as the biggest commercial socio of United States, it has been positioned as the nearshoring option for businesses that are looking to move or increase your operations.

If you are looking for Nearshoring service in Mexico you are in the right place


Our experts team in nearshoring development, support multiple foreign companies that are located in Mexico to find the way to increase their productivity to feed supply chain.

Choosing Grupo Zeu as socio for your outsourcing od nearshoring is acquire different benefits for your business.

Benefits of Nearshoring in Mexico

With our support of nearshoring service in Mexico you would find:


        • Support for placement selection where you want to install.
        • Legal and Fiscal assessment for the launching of your operations.
        • Intellectual Property Assessment.
        • Assessment in salary, payroll and labor norms.
        • Recruitment of qualified workers: operative and administrative.
        • Your man force administration without complications.
        • Backoffice services you need.
        • And more!

Why using Nearshoring service of Grupo Zeu?


Grupo Zeu brings to foreign businesses a great quantity of benefits, including high quality of work, access to specialized talents and minor cultural and language barriers.

Grupo Zeu counts with more than 10 years of experience supporting the growing and development of multinationals in Mexico.

Benefits of working with Grupo Zeu:

Geographic location

Proximity to United States

T – MEC (between Mexico, United States and Canada)

Reduced taxes

Marine direct routes

Industrial and manufacturing capacity

Why support your Nearshoring necessity with Grupo Zeu?

Efficiency and low costs

Safe supply chain

Digital infrastructure

Developed qualified hand force

High levels of specialization

Intellectual property protection

Met all we can do for you:

Government and Legal Accomplishment

Normative accomplishment of regulatory laws.

Industrial Real Estate

Site Selection, Land Acquisitions and Buildings.

Tributary Accounting

Tributary accomplishment and payroll processing.

Environmental, Health and Safety

Environmental, Health and Safety

Payroll and benefits to employees

Employees administration.

Human Resources and Recruitment

Administrative and operative personnel recruitment.

Import and Export

Import and export services of Mexico.

Backoffice Outsourcing

High qualified employees.

Strategic Marketing Supply

We assure to generate your positioning.

3PL and 4PL

Packing and distribution.

Quality Control

Auditory and Certificates.

Nearshoring Service

Best option for U.S. companies.

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