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As nearshoring continues to be a popular trend among businesses, Mexico has emerged as a leading destination for companies looking to diversify their supply chains.

For this reason, the aerospace industry and the auto parts industry are the ones that have seen the greatest benefits from nearshoring in Mexico.

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Mexico is currently the leading nearshore destination for companies based in the United States. Additionally, Mexico nearshoring has continued to grow, with an increase in demand for services like software development, engineering, and customer service.

Mexico’s advantages as a nearshoring outsourcing, combined with its highly skilled workforce and favorable business environment, make it well-positioned to continue to grow and attract new investment in the nearshoring services.

For that reason, the two industries which are more benefited by nearshore development are the auto parts and aerospace industries. 

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The two main leading industries of nearshoring in Mexico

The auto parts industry in Mexico has been a key contributor to the country’s economy. As companies seek to nearshore their operations to reduce costs and improve efficiency, Mexico’s auto parts industry is poised to benefit from increased demand for its products and services. 

Additionally, Mexico’s close proximity to the United States and its participation in trade agreements like the USMCA make it an attractive destination for companies looking to nearshore advantages.

The aerospace industry in Mexico is also poised to benefit from nearshoring. Mexico’s skilled workforce and favorable business environment make it an attractive destination for aerospace companies looking to nearshore their operations. 

Overall, while there are challenges facing Mexico’s auto parts and aerospace industries in the face of nearshore outsourcing, the outlook is positive. 

Mexico’s skilled workforce, favorable business environment, and participation in trade agreements make it an attractive nearshore destination for businesses. 

Three opportunity areas to ensure success in Mexico Nearshoring 

To achieve higher performance in nearshoring, Mexico should consider investing in these areas of opportunity.

  • Addressing security concerns: Mexico needs to prioritize improving its security situation by improving police training and resources to ensure more investment for nearshoring.
  • Investing in infrastructure: Mexico needs to continue investing in infrastructure, including transportation, telecommunications, and energy, to support the growth of the nearshore development. 
  • Fostering a skilled workforce: Mexico needs to continue investing in education and training programs to develop a workforce with the necessary technical and language skills to meet the needs of businesses looking to nearshore their operations. 

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