Did you know these 5 benefits of Mexico Nearshoring?

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The nearshoring is a well-known concept within the industrial sector, entrepreneurship and business in general.

We can define nearshore as the process and strategy in which a company decides to transfer part of its operations to another country –close to its own- in search of increasing productivity.

Now, a nearshoring trend that has gained a lot of strength in recent years is Mexico nearshoring due to the nearshore advantages that our country offers.

Let’s learn more about it, about nearshore development


Nearshoring: trend growing in Mexico

Nearshoring in Mexico has been a growing trend for a couple of years, but why? A quick response is the departure of companies -especially American- from Asian countries like China.

The trade war between China and the United States has caused foreign companies to decide to leave the eastern country in search of new destinations with better and cheaper conditions for the nearshore development

In this way, nearshore outsourcing found a good landing destination in Mexico, due to the multiple nearshore advantages that our country offers. Do you want to know what they are? Let’s go see it!

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Five benefits of Mexico nearshoring you should know!

It’s time to learn about the advantages of nearshoring! These are 5 of them for which countries like the United States opt for nearshoring in Mexico.


1- Better access to supply chains

Due to the proximity between Mexico and the United States, in addition to the border advantages it offers, nearshore outsourcing in our country allows rapid supply chain supply.


2- FTA with United States and Canada

The Free Trade Agreement between the North American nations is an agreement that provides many commercial benefits to companies that establish themselves in Mexico. This is an important nearshore advantage due to tariff reduction and lower export costs.


3- Qualified manpower

The labor force in Mexico exceeds the expectations of all companies that arrive through nearshoring. The automotive, metallurgical and industrial areas in general are the ones who benefit the most from this. That is one reason why companies prefer Mexico nearshoring

4- Developed industrial infrastructure

The industrial area has developed quite a lot in recent years. For this reason, companies that arrive through the nearshoring trend have access to top quality industrial parks with all the essential services they need.


5- Efficient logistic system

A nearshoring solution offered by Mexico is an efficient logistics system where merchandise and parts of products can be moved through various routes. For example, our country has more than 100 seaports, 64 international airports, 27,000 km of railways and 172,000 km of highways. Transportation will not be a problem!

These are just a few benefits that nearshoring offers us in Mexico; do you want to know more? Find all the information you need here!

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Written by Ricardo Méndez, Copywriter. 

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