Discover the logistics area that Mexico is developing for Nearshoring

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We know the main benefits of nearshoring in Mexico. These ones that talk about the economic boost and growth of manufacturing industries

Nevertheless, nearshoring has a big challenge in Mexico that needs to be solved for a better development, and our country already has an answer for that.  

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An historical perspective of nearshoring in Mexico

Logistic is the key for the success of nearshore outsourcing. With the boom of Mexico Nearshoring in the “Pandemic Era”, our country received a lot of manufacturing industries that were looking for better options to serve their supply chains. 

In 2022 Mexico nearshoring was the main option for nearshore development around the world; the leading countries that moved their operations in nearshore outsourcing was: 

  • China.
  • United States.
  • Japan.
  • Germany.
  • South Korea.

Nowadays, a nearshoring forecast expects an expansion in Mexico nearshore, and the main preoccupation is the development of logistic systems. 


The big challenge of nearshoring: logistic systems

More companies are expected to arrive thanks to Mexico nearshoring, and investors are worried about if our country has the logistic capacity to nearshore development

The tree main worries about logistic in nearshore forecast are: 

  • Capacity of seaports. 
  • Infrastructure of railways and highways.
  • Capacity of industrial space. 

However, nearshoring in Mexico has the capability to solve these with logistic solutions. 

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An opportunity area for Nearshoring: logistic solutions.

Mexico not only has the capacity to host companies in nearshoring, but also has the necessary skills to solve the logistics problems about nearshore

Mexico could advance in an efficient regulation of the national logistics sector, which could mean progress for nearshore outsourcing.

For now, the companies can choose be helped by companies that could bring logistics services only in company nearshore issues like: 

  • Law enforcement. 
  • Accomplishment of health, security and tax institutions.
  • Logistics Management 3PL.

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Written by Ricardo Méndez, Copywriter.

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