Nearshoring generates boom on Mexico border

Mar 6, 2023 | Nearshoring | 0 Comentarios

Investments arrived to Mexico thanks to nearshoring! And the main center of provision in supply chains for manufacturing industries is the Mexico border with the United States. 

Foreign companies –especially Americans – are moving their equipment and productions to Mexico as a nearshore outsourcing strategy, thanks to the closeness and the strategic geographical position of our country.  

But why else exist a preference in choosing the north of Mexico for nearshore development? Stay with us to know it! 


The epicenter of nearshoring: Mexico border

Nearshoring forecasts consider the best options for nearshore growth, and the eyes of investments always are looking for the North of Mexico. 

The north of Mexico is the border between the Mexican Republic and the United States, which is one of the main reasons of nearshore outsourcing in that area. 

Besides Mexico nearshoring in the North have a boost for industrial space, offering more options for manufacturing industries and much more

And what are the main North States that host nearshoring in Mexico? That depends about the type of industry, but talking of the most common –that is automotive industry- are: 

  • North Baja California.
  • Chihuahua.
  • Coahuila. 
  • Nuevo Leon. 
  • Sonora. 

But with the growth of nearshore outsourcing, the demand also increases, and Mexico can answer to it. 

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The Mexico offer for nearshore development.

With the high demand of Mexico nearshoring, companies are looking for the answer to solve the two main requirements: 

  • Industrial area: enterprises want the best infrastructure for their operations. Also needs warehouse and distribution centers. 
  • Logistic solutions: Industries need the help of logistics companies that can offer solutions in safe landing, and in processes like packing and shipping. 

Nearshoring in Mexico is viable thanks to the offer of the solution of these two requirements. If you want to know who can help you in your nearshore development, know this one


New perspectives for nearshoring in Mexico.

In less than a decade, Mexico border had an exponential growth, positioning in as referent in local and international economy. 

Nearshoring brings investments in a lot of sectors like aeronautical, automotive, medical and logistic. Now, a look for clean energies and the production of lithium batteries. Why? For the manufacturing of electric cars, Mexico nearshoring will be ready to host these challenges. 

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Written by Ricardo Méndez, Copywriter.

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