How to be prepared for the Tesla effect in Mexico?

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A nearshoring decision is not taken lightly; When it is decided to build a plant in a certain part of a country, it is because there has already been a profitability analysis, where the long-term operation of the company is guaranteed. Such is the most recent case of nearshoring in Mexico; We are talking about Tesla.

The Tesla plant in Mexico will be built in the municipality of Santa Catarina, Nuevo León; where it is expected that there is an economic increase and population in that area, as well as the arrival of new companies that supply the supply chain of the gigafactory. This fact has been called the “Tesla effect”.

Now, the Tesla Effect is already present in our country, since the arrival of 8 more companies in the State of Coahuila is expected, which will serve to feed the supply chain of Tesla in Mexico.

Thus, for all the effects that new Tesla gigafactory in Mexico will generate, it is important that companies are prepared to be able to offer their services as possible suppliers.


Tesla effect in Mexico: What has arrived and what is expected to arrive?

Tesla news comes out every day and in each one new details are known about how this investment in Mexico will positively affect the country; especially to the northeast region.

We begin by saying that the Tesla plant in Mexico has led to the start-up of 18 new companies in the State of Coahuila; Among the municipalities that will be hosting these factories are: Torreón, Castaños, Monclova, Frontera, Ciudad Acuña, Piedras Negras, Ramos Arizpe, Arteaga and Ramos Arizpe.

Some important data on the arrival of Tesla factory in Mexico are:

  • 7% growth in the auto parts industry.
  • 15 billion dollars of investment in the next 5 years.
  • Annual production of 1 million electric cars from the Tesla plant.

Now, an important fact to note is that the industrial parks along the northern border are reaching their maximum capacity. Having an average occupancy rate of more than 97%. Although this is part of the Tesla effect, the arrival of new nearshoring outsourcing companies is also expected.

Now, how can companies be prepared for the Tesla effect? A solution is to search for a strategic ally like this. 


What companies need to be prepared for the Tesla effect?

With the arrival of Tesla in Mexico, companies must be prepared. These are not times to fail, so we must be regularized if we want to compete to be one of the direct or indirect suppliers of the new Tesla gigafactory. The aspects that should be considered are:

  • Tax regulations.
  • Health and safety regulations.
  • STPS regulations.
  • REPSE registry.

It does not matter if you are an already established company or you are just looking for your opening, you will surely need the help of a strategic ally to be able to provide services that exceed the expectations of your clients and stand out in the market.

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