Increase in occupancy of industrial parks by nearshoring

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Nearshoring has emerged as a game-changer for Mexico’s industrial sector, driving the growth of industrial parks and presenting lucrative business opportunities. 

As a preferred destination for nearshore development services and nearshore outsourcing, Mexico offers a strategic advantage with its proximity to the United States and thriving nearshore opportunities. 

Let’s explore the nearshoring in Mexico, the increasing demand for nearshore solutions, and the potential for business growth!


Mexico nearshoring: A catalyst for industrial park occupancy

Mexico has experienced a remarkable surge in industrial park occupancy, primarily fueled by the nearshoring trend. 

With an annual growth rate of 30% in 2022, the average occupancy rate of industrial parks soared above 97% due to the business opportunities in Mexico.

The United States leads the demand for nearshore outsourcing services, accounting for 45% of investments. 

However, nearshoring in Mexico appeal extends beyond the US, with strong ties to China (52% of parks), Italy (13%), and Germany (8%). 

Notably, cities like Monterrey and Saltillo present an attractive landscape for nearshoring outsourcing companies. 

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Unlocking business potential: nearshore outsourcing in mexico

The exponential growth of Mexico nearshoring has created a flourishing nearshore outsourcing services market. 

Companies worldwide recognize Mexico’s proven track record of quality, productivity, and an exceptional workforce for nearshore development services.

The nearshore opportunities offered in Mexico empower businesses to tap into cost-effective resources without compromising on talent and quality. 

As a result, nearshore outsourcing companies are flocking to Mexico to establish their operations and leverage its strategic advantages.

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Overcoming challenges: Nearshore solutions and business environment

While nearshoring presents immense opportunities, it also comes with challenges that demand strategic solutions. 

Mexico’s nearshore sector addresses key concerns such as reliable electricity supply and the transition to clean energy sources.

Additionally, ensuring security and investing in education are crucial for sustained industrial growth and increased business opportunities in Mexico.

The Mexican Association of Private Industrial Parks (AMPIP) collaborates with educational institutions to equip the workforce with specialized technical skills. 

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Capitalizing on the future: Nearshore development services in Mexico

With the current momentum and long-term projections, Mexico’s industrial parks are poised for continued growth and development for nearshoring trends. 

The nearshore development services sector is flourishing, with numerous projects underway across the country. 

These projects represent a remarkable opportunity for nearshore outsourcing and nearshore companies to invest in Mexico and establish their presence. 

By partnering with local organizations and leveraging the expertise of nearshore solutions providers, businesses can thrive in Mexico’s dynamic nearshore landscape.

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