5 keys to choosing the best nearshoring location

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In today’s global business landscape, nearshoring has emerged as a strategic choice for companies seeking cost-effective solutions and access to skilled talent. 

Mexico, with its proximity to the United States and attractive business opportunities, has become a prominent destination for nearshoring outsourcing companies

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The competition for industrial spaces in Mexico nearshoring

As the demand for nearshoring in Mexico continues to rise, competition for industrial spaces has intensified. 

Businesses are recognizing the vast potential and favorable conditions that Mexico offers for nearshore outsourcing operations

With an abundance of business opportunities in Mexico, companies are actively seeking the right nearshoring location to leverage the benefits of cost savings, skilled labor, and logistical convenience.

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Impact of Mexico nearshoring on industrial real estate

The nearshore outsourcing boom has significantly impacted Mexico’s industrial real estate sector. 

The rise in nearshore outsourcing services and the influx of companies relocating their operations has fueled the construction of industrial parks throughout the country. 

This surge in demand has led to limited availability of industrial spaces, making it crucial for businesses to carefully evaluate and secure their ideal nearshoring solutions.

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How to choose the best nearshoring location?

If you are looking for the ideal space to approach the business opportunities in Mexico for nearshoring, these are five keys that you should take in consideration. 


1 Assessing business needs and objectives

Understand your business requirements and objectives for nearshoring in Mexico. Consider factors such as cost-efficiency, access to talent, market proximity, and scalability. 

This assessment will guide your decision-making process and help you find the optimal nearshore outsourcing services and location.


2 Proximity and logistics

Evaluate the proximity of the nearshoring outsourcing companies’ locations to your target market. Consider the logistics infrastructure, transportation networks, and connectivity. 

Choosing a location that enables efficient supply chain management and timely delivery of products or services is crucial for success.


3 Cost competitiveness

Nearshoring in Mexico offers cost advantages, but it’s essential to conduct a comprehensive cost analysis. 

Evaluate factors such as labor costs, operational expenses, tax incentives, and overall business costs. Balancing cost savings with quality and value is key.


4 Talent and skill availability

Access to a skilled workforce is a crucial aspect of nearshore development services. Evaluate the availability of specialized talent, educational institutions, and training programs in the chosen nearshore outsourcing location. 

Partnering with nearshore outsourcing companies can provide access to a pool of qualified professionals and foster innovation.


5 Political and economic stabilities

Consider the political and economic stability of the location. Evaluate local government policies, regulations, and economic indicators to ensure a favorable business environment. 

Stability fosters confidence and minimizes risks associated with nearshoring opportunities.

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