Nearshoring in Mexico. The solution for foreign trade

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Nearshoring is the outsourcing strategy used by companies to transfer responsibility for their production to third parties, with the objective of reducing costs. Supply chains have optimized their processes thanks to nearshoring and thus foreign trade has been favored.

How is nearshoring practiced?

It can be said that nearshoring is carried out when a company asks third parties to generate its production. Among other things, it prevents problems in the supply chain, as it looks for outsourced production centers nearby, to avoid complications with the schedules of each country.

Why has foreign trade benefited from nearshoring?

As nearshoring is a strategy that asks third parties abroad to produce for it, foreign trade benefits from the demand for labor and investment received, including the creation of new companies to supply the demand.

Some of the largest countries produce in huge quantities, much more than you are imagining at the moment. That’s why they need help, especially when they need to deliver their production in short times.

Importance of nearshoring in Mexico

Mexico has great potential to become the leading nearshoring market in Latin America, which can accelerate manufacturing exports by approximately 2 percentage points.

The practice of nearshoring in Mexico has become a great point of reference to boost the same market, especially the line of schedules similar to that of the United States, facilitates many of the processes of the supply chain, both for exports and imports in international transportation logistics.

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