Soft landing for foreign companies in Mexico

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Do you need support with the arrival of your company to Mexico?

The entry of a foreign company into Mexico is usually complicated when they do not have any local partner or ally. However, a shelter company is all they need.

It helps with the legal paperwork, the required paperwork, the administration of the company and even the administration of the personnel.

Want to know more about these companies and how to request their help to have a better arrival in Mexico? Read on!


The soft landing refers to the correct entry of a foreign company into the market of the country where one of its industrial plants will be installed. The soft landing is usually performed when a company is expanding or investing in a country different from its country of origin and needs support with the legal and operational procedures.



Why do companies need a soft landing when they move their operations to another country?


It is said that soft landing is the way in which foreign companies have the support of local companies or legal and operations representatives that allow them to enter the market in an optimal way and without major problems.

Since, new companies require legal, operational, financial and administrative support, all for a successful business expansion. This translates into the good reception of the market and the legal performance of their activities.



To ensure a soft landing you must have control of the following elements


Cushioning of economic risks

Entering a new market and country requires a major investment, in which decisions must be made in an informed manner. Some of the main data to obtain are access and export costs.

The easiest and most efficient way to obtain the information and take action is with the help of a financial advisor.



Effective internationalization of your company

Company expansion plans are usually time consuming, because you have to go through a whole process and live each stage. The preparation and experience of the representatives of the business or company is another factor that largely determines this time.

The soft landing is indispensable in this stage, because it allows the establishment of the company in a legal, operational and commercial way in less time and in a successful way. This helps to gain commercial and strategic allies.



Corporate culture and practice

Corporate activities in each country may acquire a different level of importance. Business practice is one of the most difficult areas to manage when it comes to the merger of two very different cultures.

In many cases the culture clash in business practices is often very evident and it is therefore essential that the soft landing covers this area.



Network of potential clients

It is important that before entering a new market, both the company and the products it sells have potential customers at the time of starting operations.

To create a network of potential customers, it is necessary to know the target audience and promote what they like as a priority. In addition, price adaptations and the way of promoting the products or services will certainly be necessary.



Finally, it is crucial to choose the right place where the companies will move to. Every aspect must be taken into account, from the economic to the social, cultural and political aspects of the destination country, but above all, that the destination country has the fundamental commercial and strategic needs.


Mexico is currently the best country in Latin America for nearshoring. Companies from all over the world have made very important investments in Mexico, because the country has the logistics and supply strategy, in addition to the labor costs and production capacity it has.


Who can provide you with soft landing in Mexico?


We are Grupo Zeu, a shelter company, which is in charge of introducing foreign companies and their operations to the Mexican market. From documentation, legal processes and even recruitment, we take care of everything you need!

We provide integral services for all types of companies. Our areas of expertise are quality control, marketing, accounting and human resources.


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