New plants arrived in Mexico this October

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Get to know the new investments of companies in Mexico!

Mexico is the best positioned country for nearshoring and foreign investments. Many companies from all over the world set their eyes on this country to produce, because it is much cheaper than in their countries of origin.

Find out more about new investments by foreign companies below…


Near-shoring has had a positive and important effect on new manufacturing investments in Mexico. Mexico has become the main country where nearshoring is practiced in Latin America. This is due to the innovation of production and marketing practices that have been innovated with the unexpected pandemic.

That is why manufacturing companies have set up new industrial plants, so that their products can be manufactured in Mexico.

Many of these new industrial plants have been installed this past October 2022. Do you want to know which were the new industrial investments of October in Mexico?



These are 4 companies that invested in Mexico in October 2022


Ford Motor Company

This company inaugurated the Global Technology and Business Center: GTBC; a center in which 260 million dollars were invested.

The North American company created this center to support the different key operations of the brand in the world, which makes it the modular axis for the transformation and innovation of the company.



Molex announced its expansion of production capacities in North America, opening its new plant south of Acatlan, Jalisco.

This is the second factory in the state of this important global brand of electronics and innovation in competitiveness. Molex invested 130 million dollars in this new plant.



The famous company has announced a large investment of 763.5 million dollars that it intends to focus on the modernization of its plant in Puebla.

With this investment it intends to update the stamping and painting development plant with technology that the brand has never used before.



The industrial plan of the Pirelli brand will make an investment of US$114 million as part of its tenth anniversary. And although construction is planned for the end of 2023, the news was announced in October.

The investment reflects the plant’s strategy and its production capacity will increase by more than one million parts.


Some new companies in Mexico make their presence felt, others are reinvestments or growth and expansion. However, they all have one thing clear, Mexico is the best country for industrial investment.

It is not for nothing that the best brands have set their eyes here, nearshoring in Mexico is one of the business practices increasingly used by foreign companies. The commercial relations between Mexico and the United States favor this type of agreement.


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