Building Culture and Inclusion in the manufacturing industry

Ago 16, 2022 | Culture and Inclusion | 0 Comentarios

Some companies have no idea how to build a culture for their company and at the same time, make all employees feel included.

Naturally, allowing employees to get to know each other and work together in a comfortable and trusting way is a real achievement.

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How can you get your employees to achieve that level of closeness? Through activities that allow everyone to get to know each other in a setting other than work.

You don’t have to be out of the office

At first we could think of leaving the office to get to know each other better in a relaxed environment such as a restaurant or a bar.

But the reality is that it is not necessary to leave the office to start creating activities that reinforce inclusion in the company.

Let’s remember that an inclusive environment increases productivity among employees and generates a feeling of belonging, improving the environment.

But, be careful with the activities or the plan that you implement between the employees because some companies fail for fool situations, the activities aren´t natural and sometimes can be see forced.
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Forget the commands for a moment

With inclusion activities the main purpose is create a great environment with all the areas, in manufacturing the hierarchies are common and some employees can feel intimidate for leaders or bosses.

For this reason, create different dynamics where all the workers can participate improve the idea of a great Company.

Diversity and inclusion in manufacturing can reduce the stress and allows the integration of all the departments, know the boss or coworkers into other environment.

That is an idea that promove and impulse the integration of all the elements in a specific moment.

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How increase the inclusion in the Company?

Across the different activities or games is possible that all the coworkers include leaders know better and discover the qualities, knowledge and interests that motivate the others and be empathic and strengthen the culture.

There are different games and dynamics to achieve group integration and create an atmosphere of open communication.


  • Lecture Club
  • Storytelling
  • Board game
  • Games of skill
  • Escape Room

With these games you can encourage cooperation and get out of the routine, in addition to creating a pleasant atmosphere in the company.

Don’t let your employees leave, through dynamics and active listening you will be able to understand their needs and support them in improving, at the same time that the work environment improves.

In addition to the dynamics of inclusion, aspects such as good organization and a good human resources team can improve the environment and quality of your company.

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