3 keys to getting employees out of burnout

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Some years ago, problems like obesity or sedentary lifestyle were so common between coworkers and employees in the companies.

But, currently the word burnout, it’s hear everywhere, especially in workplaces for that reason results important understand what is burnout and which are the symptoms.

If you are feeling stress, tired up or your behaviour is changing it’s time to reflection and asking you the situations or moments where that symptoms are present.

Don’t forget that employees that have so many responsibilities or workload are more susceptible to falling in burnout and begins feel depressive, where the risks of depression are huge and try to get out of there is complicated.

To more info about a careful workplace to your employees, know this alternative in our blog about occupational psychology.

If you are interested in preventing your employees from falling into burnout syndrome, we bring you three keys to prevent this happening:

  1. Internal communication

Your employees are not your friends, that is clear, but that does not mean that you should neglect their well-being and health.

If you notice a change of mood among your employees, or their performance has decreased, remind them that they can approach you to express how they feel.

While it may be difficult to get some people to open up, you can organize group meetings where they can express how they feel and what they think about work.

The important thing is to create an atmosphere of trust and reminding your employees that there is a genuine interest in making them feel comfortable and happy within the work area.

But burnout it’s not the only workplace enemy, try to create a confident circle to avoid mobbing into your company. Read our blog Mobbing, a threat for your business for more info.

  1. Constant recognition

Sometimes we forget the importance of recognition among our employees because we believe that it is part of their daily work to make an effort. Learn more about strategies to improve your workplace environment here.

However, recognizing that your employees have done something well can give them a feeling of joy, because it means that their work is valued.

While there may be faults, avoid pointing them out in public and try to give guidance from your position instead of giving a scolding that causes discomfort and sadness to the person who receives it.

  1. Increase empathy

Nowadays, the achievements are different between the persons, for that reason is crucial understood what are the dreams of our employees.

These days the concept of success, it’s completely different compared with years ago, so if this is the present situation starts to pay more attention of the life purposes of your employees.

Know your employee necesities can be the key to gain confidence between your employees, if you are interested in discover how engaged employees visit our blog Get engaged employees overnight with one simple action.

The priorities are different, the productivity it’s in second place to emplyees, in first place is their stability and their wellness.

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