3 employee retention strategies with an HR implant.

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The interest of employee retention becomes more relevant due the increase in desertion of workers in different lines of business and industries, causing uncertainty and questioning companies on how to avoid staff turnover. Keeping a committed workforce in your company is a challenging task, but possible to prevent. We will give you 3 key strategies for retaining staff with an HR implant strategy.


Situational analysis: what is the problem that makes it difficult to retain employees?

To find out how to prevent staff turnover, an HR implant starts by doing a situational analysis of the organizational climate inside your company, it could be globally or in a specific area or department. However, the objective is to determine the causes of desertion and then generate an action plan that helps to retain employees.

For example, some of the factors that can be found in these analyses are: Apathy with organizational objectives, lack of knowledge of functions, lack of recognition, etc. In other words, it’s important to find these factors to create plans and the corresponding strategies.

In addition, besides a HR implant strategy, another factor that could improve the workforce on your company is having a more specialized selection of personnel, visit our blog “Administration of trial period personnel for the correct selection of personnel” for more info. 


Organizational Culture: Make them part of your company

A solid organizational culture is key to retain the company’s workforce, therefore, if you are not sure how strong your current organizational culture is, it will be necessary for the HR implant to start an analysis to know how committed your employees are with the mission, vision, and values of your organization. Once this has been identified, we create a more appropriate work environment for your staff.

Instead of having many temporary jobs, would like a stronger committed work force besides from a HR implant for companies? Click here to know more. 


Reward and job recognition: HR implant strategy

It would be a mistake to think that the only important thing for a collaborator is salary, since various sources assure that elements such as compensations, the organizational climate, and growth opportunities are equally important.

It is important to adapt a “reward and recognition” system for employee retention. The objective is to give rewards or positive feedback from their supervisors based on the performance of their work. A more rewarded and recognized employee will want to stay with your organization. Doing this will give more solutions on how to avoid staff turnover.


The HR implant you need for employee retention

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a HR Implant as a strategy for staff retention, with Zeu Group you’ll discover various strategies of HR implant for companies. That will improve retention, avoid damages in productivity and performance of your organization.


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