Why is Mexico a nearshoring magnet?

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We have heard about nearshoring, which can be defined as the strategy in which companies transfer a part of their operations to another country –close to theirs- in order to increase their productivity and benefit the supply chain.

These movements are accompanied by large economic investments that end up benefiting both the country where they will be established and the company itself. For this reason, the nearshore development in our country is so important and even better, it is increasing!

The nearshoring trend in Mexico continues to grow, and now more so due to the announcement of the arrival of the Tesla gigafactory in Mexican territory. But why does our country attract so much nearshore? Let’s find out more below!


Why choose Mexico nearshoring?

Mexico is attracting a lot of nearshore outsourcing, but why? The quickest explanation is the move being made by American companies from the Asian continent in search of destinations closer to theirs.

Nearshoring in Mexico offers the opportunity to boost investments, making a boom in economic growth, especially in the manufacturing industry.

In addition, for the nearshore development, the arrival of more investments in machinery is expected for a better process in the production lines. With this, the nearshore advantages will be even greater.  

Now, well, let’s learn more about nearshore outsourcing in México, and why it improves the economy.

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Economical grow thanks to nearshoring

One of the reasons why nearshoring in Mexico is supported is due to the economic resilience that exists in the country. During the third quarter of 2022, the Mexican economy grew by 4.1% compared to the previous year.

The increase in manufacturing influences GDP growth in Mexico, so nearshore investments support it.

An example of a huge nearshoring movement that will arrive in Mexico in the coming months is the Tesla plant that will be established in Nuevo León, with a spill of close to 5 billion dollars inverted; where it is also expected that one million electric cars per year will be produced.

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Manufacturing leaders; nearshoring attraction

Mexico is a leader in various manufacturing sectors, which attract investments thanks for nearshore advantages. These are the main ones.

  • Automotive industry: generating sales of close to $73 million a year and Mexico being the fifth largest producer of auto parts in the world.
  • Electrical equipment: having a 22% boost in the last two years in electrical components.
  • Aerospace Industry: with more than 300 companies of this type, Mexico offers design, manufacturing, engineering, and maintenance services, among others.

These are just three industries of the many that are housed in Mexico, favoring nearshoring trends.

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Written by Ricardo Méndez, Copywriter. 

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