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The nearshore development increases more and more! This strategy of outsourcing operations has proven to give good results in increasing productivity, benefiting supply chains.

There are ideal destinations, such as nearshoring in Mexico, where companies find strategic, logistical, and commercial advantages.

However, nearshore outsourcing, like any strategy, is constantly updated to remain viable and meet market needs; therefore, let us know the nearshoring trends.

Besides you will find a strategic ally that will help you with the necessary nearshoring services to keep your company in advent-grade


What will be the nearshoring trends?

Like any type of strategy, nearshoring outsourcing seeks new ways to stay ahead and with this, companies can provide better products and services.

The COVID-19 pandemic wreaked havoc as far as the economy is concerned; therefore, once all financial activities have been reactive, nearshore development gained strength and greater relevance.

In this way, nearshoring has become a favorable option for manufacturing and supply chains, being a pillar in operations when seeking to reduce costs and increase productivity. So what are the nearshoring trends to keep up with? Let’s meet four below.


1- Increased use of remote work tools

Communication is essential when a company’s corporate office is far from its operations; speaking of nearshoring in Mexico, it is essential to be connected. Therefore, the use of video call platforms to establish contact is expected to increase. In the same way, it is estimated that nearshore resorts to the use of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality for various uses in corporate meetings and training.


2- Strengthening of the business culture

When a nearshoring company begins its operations, it is extremely important to share its organizational culture with employees to generate a sense of identity. With this integration, better results can be generated in the productive chains.


3- New destinations

As the nearshoring outsourcing movement grows, new needs arise to attend to, which can be solved in the search for new destinations. For this reason, it is important that Mexico nearshoring be prepared to meet the needs of companies and thus continue receiving foreign investment.


4- Looking for specialized services

A company that decides to implement a nearshore strategy will need help. At least in Mexico, there are various factors in which a strategic ally would serve the company too much to establish itself. With nearshoring services, companies can easily pay for their soft-landing.

Now, if what you need are nearshoring solutions, you have arrived at the ideal place! This is the ally you need for your company!


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Written by Ricardo Méndez, Copywriter.

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