Three opportunity areas for Mexico Nearshoring

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We are already familiar with the concept of nearshoring, which can be defined as the relocation of certain operations of a company to a country close to its own, in order to find a place where the supply chain can develop in good conditions.

With the nearshore development, companies find a way to increase their production and access bigger markets; as long as they choose a good landing destination.

In this way, nearshoring in Mexico represents a great opportunity! However, like any project or strategy, it can always be improved; let’s learn more about the areas of opportunity that exist in nearshoring outsourcing.


What offers Mexico nearshoring?

Nearshoring forecast always seeks the best destinations for the relocation of operations; For its part, Mexico offers the strategic, commercial and logistic nearshoring advantages that every foreign company seeks.

Starting with cost savings in terms of labor and logistics systems; With this, companies established by nearshoring can remain competitive in the market.

Likewise, supply chains can be fed more quickly thanks to the diverse and efficient means of transportation within the Mexican Republic, such as seaports, highways, airports, and railways. There is no doubt that this is a nearshoring solution that every company needs.

And that without mentioning the defense of intellectual property, access to the FTA, the lowest tariffs, among others. Now, how could nearshore development improve? Let’s get to know three areas of opportunity for the best development of Mexico nearshoring.

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Opportunity areas for a better nearshore

Mexico is a nearshore magnet, of course, nevertheless it is important to stay competitive to continue receiving foreign investment, as was the case with the Tesla gigafactory.

Therefore, these are three areas of opportunity in which work can be done to continue being at the forefront and host more nearshore outsourcing.


1- Create more industrial space

One of the nearshoring forecast is the search for industrial buildings, as well as warehouses. The demand for these spaces has increased in various areas of the country, especially in the north, so it is necessary to meet these requests by looking for new areas where industrial activity can be developed.


2- Expand the manufacturing base

The main manufacturing and export zones are those located on the United States border. States such as Baja California, Chihuahua, Coahuila, Nuevo León and Tamaulipas lead nearshoring hosting. It will be necessary to look towards new destinations where nearshoring in México can be developed, such as the South, Central and Bajío Zones.


3- Keep strong the ‘maquiladoras’

The «maquiladoras» provide jobs to approximately 1 million Mexicans: likewise, automotive, aerospace, medical, and electronic parts, among others, are made in these manufacturing centers. It is necessary and important to keep these factories within the supply chain and strengthen them with investments for their improvement.

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Written by Ricardo Méndez, Copywriter.

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