Industrial grow space in Mexico for nearshoring

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There’s no doubt about the benefits of nearshoring! That’s right, the nearshore development in Mexico brings industrial grow; that means an increase of economic opportunities. 

With nearshoring in Mexico, the manufacturing industries find a strategic ally for the growth of their activities. 

Nevertheless, it is important to know the necessary requirements for a good nearshoring forecast, like the industrial space and the strategic partners that can help you in your nearshore process.

Without anything else to add, let’s start!  


The importance of industrial grow space for nearshoring

To relocate a part of a manufacturing industry, it’s important to find the correct space. The companies that are considering nearshore outsourcing as a strategy for their boost, need to look for candidate countries that could host their operations. And one thing that they consider is the capacity of the industrial space

A good industrial space for nearshore development needs to have the capability of being in constant growth and improvement. Nobody wants to move their operation to a space of poor opportunities. In this way, Mexico nearshoring offers to the manufacturing industries the necessary infrastructure to the development of their activities.  

But, what does it take to have an industrial space to be considered nearshore feasible?

  • Enough square meters of gross rentable area.
  • A good energy supply.
  • Expansion capability. 

A country that can host efficient nearshore outsourcing is Mexico. Let’s know why. And if you’re looking for help for your nearshoring process, this ally will help you!


Advantage of Mexico nearshoring

Nearshore forecast looks for the best candidates to nearshoring; and there’s no better candidate to the US Industries than their number one commercial partner. 

Nearshoring in Mexico offers to the companies that want to relocate parts of their operations, a lot of facilities starting with the geographical and strategic position. Also the inter politics benefits the nearshore development

What else offers Mexico nearshoring

  • Lower cost of labor that implies a high return in investment. 
  • Time zone alignment.
  • Existing free trade pact with US and Canada.
  • Strong intellectual property politics.
  • Well-developed business infrastructure. 

And if you’re looking for help to your nearshore process, Mexico also offers the best allies, like the next one! 


Your strategic ally for nearshoring: Grupo ZEU

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Written by Ricardo Méndez, Copywriter.

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