A big chance for nearshoring: Tesla will arrive to Mexico

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The wait is over; Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced that Tesla will arrive to Mexico, specifically in the State of Nuevo Leon.

This nearshore movement will bring a significantly economy development for Mexican Republic. In Andres Manuel words: “this will represent a considerable investment and many, many jobs”.

Besides, the “gigafactory” of Tesla in Mexico will be the biggest in the world in electrical cars concerning.

Let´s know about this Tesla nearshoring.


A billionaire investment for nearshoring

Tesla in Mexico is a reality. In spite all the uncertainly living months before, the landing of Tesla was confirmed. This represent an exponential growth Mexico nearshoring, and a lot of opportunities for Mexican economy.

The arrival of the Tesla plant will generate an invest in Mexico around 5 billion dollars, according national media. That’s confirm the preference of nearshoring in Mexico, because this will be the third Tesla plant outside United States.

Also, this Tesla plant in Mexico would produce about 1 million of electric cars in a year for domestic and international market.

Something important to say is that Mexico already produced parts for Tesla; now with the arrival of the “gigafactory” cater the supply chain will be an easy task.

There’s something special in Mexico nearshoring, and it’s the facilities that companies have to start their productions, no matter the destiny inside the Mexican Republic.


The landing of Tesla will be in Nuevo Leon

The Tesla news about a new plant in Mexico gender a speculation boom in all our country. The reason? A lot of States wants to host the Tesla plant.

States like Coahuila, Chihuahua, Michoacan, Nuevo Leon, and another enter to the dispute of host Tesla. Nevertheless, the Elon Musk’s company was clear since the beginning: Tesla wants to land in Nuevo Leon.

However, the water crisis of the North-Est State questioned the authorities if there’s feasible.  After a few conversations between Mexican President and Elon Musk, they reached an agreement: Tesla will land in Nuevo Leon, but whit certain commitments.


Tesla commitments

Mexican President say in press conference that Nuevo Leon will be the host of Tesla, but they must meet certain requirements.

Besides to see this outsourcing nearshoring as an economic opportunity, the Tesla plant needs to contribute to solve the water problems in Nuevo Leon State. For that reason, these are the two main commitments of Tesla in Mexico:

  • Use of recycled water in all their manufacturing process, including the cars paint.
  • Jointly respond to the water supply in the medium and long term, given that the installation of the mega-plant will cause population growth.

Concerning about the population growth, this will affect the Monterrey Metropolitan zone, and the South-Est Region of Coahuila.


The future of industrial corridor Saltillo-Monterrey

Saltillo and Monterrey are already neighborhoods connected in a cultural and industrial way. With the arrive of this invest in Mexico, the future needs to look for logistical improvements between these two cities.

The arrival of Tesla plant will increase the population of the two zones; in that way, the living place and services will increase. Also, the highways will need to be improved for the high traffic expected.

For that reason, the bot States need to think in solutions like the construction of a light rail.

Moreover, the arrival of Tesla will attract more nearshoring in Mexico, so it is necessary to be prepared to respond efficiently.


GRUPO ZEU are excited for the Tesla arrival!

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 Written by Ricardo Méndez, Copywriter 

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