Why use a cluster as a development tool?

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The manufacturing industries development in Mexico is growing thanks to certain factors; the two main are nearshoring and cluster systems. 

In fact, governments and businessmen contribute to consolidate different types of industries in Mexico; especially the automotive industry and aerospace industry. In these two industries, the clusters are essential for their development. Also, it represents a big opportunity for nearshore

That’s right, our country is a big center for manufacturing industries; with that, comes Mexico nearshoring, and a cluster helps too much. Are you interested to know why? Keep reading!


What is a cluster?

A cluster can be definite as a group of several companies and institutions interconnected in a specific field. With clusters, enterprises acquire provisions for their supply chains. 

A cluster works in a tear system. In other works, there exists a tier 1, that is the bigger company of the sector. The tier one has suppliers that are tier 2 and tier 3. Usually, a company that chooses nearshoring in México is a tier 1. 

And what are the main industries in the Mexican market? 

  • Automotive industry.
  • Aerospace industry.
  • Logistic. 
  • Medical equipment.  

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What does a cluster need to develop correctly?

It would be useless to have a big perspective of manufacturing industry development if there’s no logistic system. That’s the first thing that a cluster needs. 

Additionally, a cluster requires to their correct functions the next requisites: 

  • Authorities and Law enforcement. 
  • Accomplishment of regulations of health, security and tax institutions.
  • A good infrastructure and industrial space. 
  • Skilled manpower 

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The best locations for clusters and nearshoring

Nearshoring development looks for the best options and Mexico is one of them. 

There are certain sectors in the Mexican Republic that are the best options for the clusters and Mexico nearshoring. The two main are: 

  • North-Zone: this zone is the direct border between Mexico and the United States. In this zone sticks out the automotive industry. 
  • Bajio-Zone: located in North-Wester Center of Mexico, this zone has a special growth in the aeronautical industry. 

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Written by Ricardo Méndez, Copywriter.

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