Know the nearshoring advantages in Mexico

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The nearshoring phenomenon is spreading rapidly throughout Mexico; more and more companies are choosing to move part of their operations in search of a more efficient and economical way to feed their supply chains.

In this way, Mexico, as it shares a border with the United States, is one of the best landing destinations for companies that decide to move by nearshore outsourcing.

Let’s learn more about nearshore development, as well as the nearshoring advantages that Mexico offers for companies.


Looking for new horizons: nearshoring

The trade war between China and the United States -generating an increase in labor costs and tariffs- led companies to seek new destinations to move their operations nearshore.

Under this scenario, a nearshoring forecast saw Latin America as a destination of great opportunities; especially in Mexico, where the benefits are greater given the strategic advantages it offers.

Companies are not looking for the cheapest workforce, they are looking for a destination that guarantees the sustainability of supply chains; for this, nearshoring in Mexico is the best option.

Likewise, companies should consider seeking a nearshoring service partner when they choose to move their processes; here they can help you!


Why companies are looking for Mexico nearshoring

Nearshore outsourcing can be defined as the arrival of foreign investments seeking to start operations in the destinations closest to their target audience. Likewise, Mexico nearshoring offers the most favorable conditions at your destination, such as working conditions, industrial infrastructure, tax laws, among others.

Mexico offers all these nearshoring solutions and many more. In this way, companies can increase their responsiveness to customer and supply chain needs. So, let us know more nearshore benefits. 


Nearshoring advantages that Mexico offers

Choosing nearshoring in Mexico opens the doors to a great benefit; let’s know four of the most important nearshoring advantages that our country offers. 


1- A better logistics system

With more than 100 seaports, 64 international airports, 27,000 km of railways and 172,000 km of highways, Mexico is an excellent logistics destination for nearshore development.


2- Faster communication

Mexico shares several time zones with the United States, making it an easy communication destination for when you need to establish contact with corporations.


3 Developed industrial sector

Mexico is a leader in manufacturing in the automotive and aerospace industry, with an infrastructure of clusters that perfectly supply the supply chain. In that way, this is a good nearshoring solution


4- Low tariffs

Mexico nearshoring is an excellent option due to the various treaties that exist for foreign trade. The best known is the FTA between the United States and Canada. In addition, there are more agreements with another 50 countries, so the price of tariffs is reduced to a minimum.

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Written by Ricardo Méndez, Copywriter.

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