Why is nearshoring relevant for Mexico?

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There’s one word that is being used a lot in the economic context; we talk about nearshoring.

Companies, businessmen and governments, all of them are talking about nearshore outsourcing and the advantages of that strategy. 

Besides, in the conversations about nearshore development, there is talk about a specific destination where companies arrive due to the benefits it offers; we refer to nearshoring in México. 

Let’s know more about nearshore and why it is important for México. 


What is nearshoring?

Nearshore outsourcing -in general terms- is the strategy of close relocation of operations. Through this strategy, companies transfer part of their production to a country that can meet their needs in terms of workforce, infrastructure, and provision of supply chain.

For there to have better nearshore development, certain conditions must be sought, such as finding a nearby country with a similar time zone; in this way, there will be better control in the production and logistics of operations.

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Why is nearshoring trending in Mexico?

The increase in nearshore trends is due to certain economic and political factors, in which companies, especially American ones, look for a better way to solve their needs in the supply chain, at lower prices.

Now, what factors favor the trend of nearshoring in Mexico?

  • The trade war between the United States and China.
  • Economic recovery due to the crisis derived from the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Geopolitical conflicts.

To answer each of these causes, Mexico offers the best nearshoring advantages.

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Mexico nearshoring: relevance and opportunities

Under this global context, Mexico nearshoring provides a space of trust due to the potential that our country offers to companies that decide to establish operations in our country.

Mexico has proven to be a leading country in terms of industrial infrastructure with the generation of various automotive clusters. Taking this potential into account, it does not sound unreasonable for corporations to decide to start a nearshoring strategy in our country.

In addition, Mexico has the operational, logistic and commercial solutions that all nearshore forecasts are looking for. Some of these nearshoring advantages are the access to various means of transportation and the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between the United States and Canada.

The Nearshoring is a unique opportunity for both companies and Mexico, something that is already being taken advantage of and an increase is expected due to the announcement of the arrival of Tesla in Mexican territory.

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Written by Ricardo Méndez, Copywriter. 

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