The nearshoring side that nobody sees

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Nearshoring is an excellent option to be competitive. This practice it’s a response to offshoring, looking for a better quality that will impact in the supply chain.

The nearshore benefits the Mexican economy whit the arrive of foreigner companies, maybe some people say that nearshoring forecast is complicated and uncertain, but we believe that this isn’t true.

You want to know why? Let’s discover it.


What is Nearshore?

Let´s begin whit the basic: What is nearshore?  Nearshoring definition refers to the strategy where a company transfer part of their production into another and close country.

This practice looks for reduce coasts with providers in other countries. This practice also calls Nearshore outsourcing.

To have a good nearshore development, the company needs to consider a few things like:

  • Time zone.
  • Costs and politics of the country.
  • Closeness

With these requirements one of the best landings for a company is Mexico. Let´s talk about Mexico nearshoring.


Nearshoring in México

Whit the commercial war between United States and China, American’s companies prefer to land in Mexico. That’s the Mexico Nearshoring.

Mexico offer to them the benefits of the FTA that provides inversions for the both parts. But, why Mexico?

Mexico have a strategic geography location and a logistic-legislative model that allows it to have a different growth above other Latin American countries.

These are the two main reasons why Mexico is the best nearshore outsourcing option.


An opportunity for growth

Are you ready to take the next step? If your company are thinking in nearshoring, you’ll need help with service.

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Written by Ricardo Méndez, Copywriter.

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