What are the slopes for Nearshoring this 2023?

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The Mexican economy is benefited thanks nearshoring. That’s right, nearshore outsourcing brings commercial advantages for México and USA. Whit nearshore, the both countries can satisfy the demand of items of supplies and products.

Nearshoring is a viable alternative because brings to companies the opportunity of reduce coasts in manufactory and optimize market distribution.

In 2023, nearshore development will have new things to consider on their to do list. Let’s know what!


Staff training

Human capital is an important supply to consider in the nearshoring forecast. The collaborators in Mexico nearshoring needs to be trained to do their activities.

The staff training is one of the nearshoring challenges; companies don’t want lack of staff. Also, the personal rotation is concerning

But why? A reason of job desertion is that staff don’t fell qualified to do their jobs. In the nearshore perspective, the company prefer to train the staff instead of move the factories to another sites; is more expansive the moving. So, staff training becomes relevant for the ratability.


Environmental management

The new industry is the industry 4.0, that put environmental management as a priority. That’s another of nearshoring challenges that companies needs to consider; specially in the Mexico nearshoring.

Nearshore development should consider the use of green energies and the production of sustainable products.

Also, the countries with politics in green energy have more chances to be consider appropriate for nearshore outsourcing.

Industry 4.0 is the future and is here; nearshoring in Mexico will evolve with that.


Mexican politics

American companies must abide by the Mexican politics if they want to nearshoring in Mexico. There is a body in charge of regulating Mexican standards of safety at work, this is the STPS.

The STPS standards contemplate worker safety, quality in products and even well-being. A Mexican standard that is mandatory for all industries is NOM-035, which seeks to prevent psychosocial risks.

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Written by Ricardo Méndez, Copywriter


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