Nearshoring challenges in Mexico 2023

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Nearshoring forecast is unclear and that’s because 2023 will bring a lot of challenges in Mexico nearshoring.

Do you want to know three challenges that will deal the nearshore development? Keep reading!


Why is important the nearshoring in Mexico?

Let´s star to response the next question: What is nearshore? Nearshoring refers to the strategy where a foreigner company transfer certain production into another country; this one preferably needs to be closer to the company country owner.

Mexico is the leader in nearshoring in Latin America. Only in the first quarter of 2022 it was reached 50% of all the nearshoring registered in 2021. For that reason, Mexico has become an important investment center for international companies.

And that’s why the nearshore in Mexico needs to overcome the challenges. But, which are the nearshoring challenges? Let’s know three of them.


1. Disputes in the energy sector

Energy sector have a lot of importance in the moment of considerate a country for nearshore development.

Actually exists disputes in the energy sector with the commercial partners. Also the energy capacity is close to its lowest level of the last 40 years.

That’s a problem considering that industrial demand for energy represents 55% of the total.

And this is one of the challenges for nearshoring outsourcing in Mexico. Let’s see another.


2. Low import levels

With the commercial war between United States and China, Americans companies decide to land their factories into others countries, and the Mexico nearshoring was and excellent idea.

Nevertheless, Mexico has not been able to supply the entire import market that China has left in USA. By 2022 it has only reached 17%. Even so, Mexican Nearshoring provides quality services.

That’s sounds complicate and here don’t finish the nearshore challenges; it’s time to see another one.


3. The reshoring

What is reshoring? Basically, the reshoring refers to the process of return all the companies, back to America.

With that, companies and government pretend to generate well paid manufacturing jobs. Also most of Americans wants to consume items made in America.

The nearshoring forecast is complicate. But Let us know what do you think.


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Written by Ricardo Méndez, Copywriter

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