The great opportunity has arrived: Nearshoring in Mexico 2023

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The nearshoring projects needs to star with environmental management; that’s the new concern of North American leaders. Mexico, United States and Canada must work together for a new and better economy for the three countries, always thinking in green energy.

How affects this green pansy to nearshore development? Companies and governments are looking for solutions to reduce environment pollution. Nearshore forecast, wherever they land, must be thinking in how can contribute to environmental care.

This should not be considered as one more of the nearshoring challenges; is an opportunity to bring and economy increase in the manufacturing of Mexico while the same time are contributed to a better and green world.

Mexico nearshore is a key to take advantage of environmental management opportunities. Keep reading to know why!


Opportunities that nearshore need to take advantage

Nearshoring is the strategy of outsourcing were a company transfer part of their production in a different country; preferably near and with a similar time zone.

To have a good environmental management, the nearshore outsourcing needs to take advantage of a few opportunities. These topics were agreed at the Summit of North American leaders in January.

  • Develop the human talent of the region through the development and programs of student mobility.
  • Reduce methane emissions.
  • Develop a plan for green public transport.
  • Institute standards for electric vehicle charging stations at borders.

Nearshore forecast can fulfill these agreements, especially if companies decide nearshoring in Mexico.


The advantage of nearshoring in México.

Mexico nearshore brings a lot of advantages like speed, time and costs. This because Mexico have a big system of highways, railways and ports that save time in the logistic of shipping.

Whit this closeness, nearshore outsourcing reduces their environmental footprint because the shipments move in closer distances. Whit that nearshore development is complying with the environmental care.

There are other nearshoring challenges to meet, such as the development of more green energy. At the moment the nearshore keeps updating itself and offering the best opportunities for everyone.


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Written by Ricardo Méndez, Copywriter

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