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There is a key factor that, if it’s applied in a company, will help to have more committed employees to its organizational culture, mission, and values. The interest in getting a more identified to the company’s values workforce and achieve employee engagement draws the attention of managers and owners in every industry. We tell you here how to have engaged employees overnight with a simple action and avoid employee turnover.


Importance of employee engagement

A question made by many, how to achieve employee engagement? Various sources and studies ensure that employees who are more committed to their organization give better productivity and work environment. This prevents high employee turnover, an action that results in economic losses.

High employee turnover represents a threat to various industries. Do you want to how to avoid it? Visit our blog “Why is important the third-party personnel administration in your company?” and discover how you could hire personnel in the needed case.

An error in the management of a certain area can harm the entire performance of the company, therefore, it is necessary to have various strategies that allow us to improve the working, economic, personal, and human development conditions of all our collaborators.

These strategies can vary depending on the situational analysis, but the element that is always present in them is recognition.


What is recognition?

Many organizations underestimate this characteristic, which is natural and present in all humans. The acknowledgment of recognition is universal and a determining factor in our personal and professional development.

Each collaborator of our companies has different objectives, but no matter how different they are, the recognition of our work and human quality will always be important to receive.

This helps us to see how valued we are within an organization, therefore, if there is no type of recognition by the company, work groups, or supervisors, the employee will not have any incentives or concern for their good or poor work performance.

Knowing how efficiently our departments work is extremely important, and if we detect a malfunction, it will be better to eradicate the problem as soon as possible. Visit our blog “4 Ways to be an efficient maintenance department” and learn how to solve these problems.


How to implement recognition in my employees?

The recognition towards employees can be applied in different ways, some of these can be:

  • Bonuses for satisfactory performance: Create monthly reward programs for good results. this will get you a more engaged workforce.
  • Acknowledgment of holidays: From birthdays to other celebrations, let employees celebrate the meaningful dates for them.
  • Positive feedback from superiors: Trained managers to not only supervise and evaluate, but also to give better feedback if necessary.
  • Improve working conditions: From improving physical spaces, to investing in furniture, bathrooms, etc. This will help to have engaged employees.
  • Promote an organizational culture: Promote recreational moments under the name and philosophy of the brand. Learn more about this topic in our blog “Transmitting your brand to the employees of your administration”
  • More competitive salaries: Analyse the competition, and based on that, improve the economic status of your personnel.
  • Growth Opportunities: Provide support of career growth within the company.

These are some of the strategies that can be applied to increase employee commitment with your organization and promote employee retention. Another essential tool is to have an HR implant that develops a retention strategy. Would you like to know more? Visit our blog “3 employee retention strategies with an HR implant” and find out how to get a more engaged workforce.


At Zeu Group we know the importance of effectively applying this recognition to your employees, and we have the necessary services to help you incorporate these strategies into your company for a stronger and engaged workforce.


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