What is employee morale and why focus on it?

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The issue of morale in companies gains importance as the years go by, not only because it is an indispensable element of their members, but also as a tool for integration and identity of organizational values. Here are four ways to maintain employee morale, and how to apply it to outsourcing positions as well.


What is employee morale? 

We know very well what we mean by individual morale, but the concept changes when we involve a group of people within an organization, therefore, morale within an organization refers to the way in which employees relate to others and to the organizational values. This goes from the way you carry out your daily activities, as well as your relationship with superiors and co-workers.

A positive government personnel morale within an organization is key to having positive results.

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Here are 3 essential keys for maintaining employee morale, and how to maintain it on your outsourcing staff:


Training of managers and supervisors

The objective is to go from “boss” to “leader”. The manager or supervisor is the person in charge of fostering an environment of constant feedback, where they not only evaluate results, but also show a real interest in employees under the guidelines of the government organization.

From motivating to evaluating, the supervisor must effectively increase the productivity of their work teams to achieve the established objectives.

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Recognize the workforce 

It may seem insignificant, but the recognition of the individuality of the employees is extremely important and an element that helps to strengthen their permanence.

From birthday celebrations to the any holiday, promoting the integration and relaxation of work groups will help to increase communication and collaboration in work teams.

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Promote working and personal growth

Helping your employees to develop both personal and professional goals will help to maintain the morale of the organization’s staff. How does it happen? Various sources say that the morale of employees becomes poor when there are no growth opportunities or performance incentives.

The solution is to implement award programs or bonuses that offer an incentive to continue belonging to your organization.


Create effective communication channels

Communication between employees, supervisors or other agents within the organization is extremely important, which is sometimes minimized due to the lack of effective communication channels or lack of guidelines that favor the exchange of concerns, doubts, or comments.

Therefore, not having a strategy for actively listening to employees results in high levels of frustration, uncertainty, and therefore, deficient performance on the government personnel morale.

The solution? Promote the opening of a suggestion box or a department that allows your employees to address their concerns. This will help improve the employee-organization relationship and give better performance. This is one of the ways to maintain staff morale high.


Staff outsourcing and organizational morale

When outsourcing personnel, concerns arise about how to maintain the morale of these employees with the organizational values.

The answer is to provide moral maintenance solutions for the subcontracted personnel, creating the necessary means for interaction, assistance, and participation with the other work groups that make up the organization.

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