The only solution to absenteeism in the workplace

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Absenteeism occurs in most companies, and if we don’t do something about it, it can become a problem that affects the productivity and efficiency of our corporate objectives. Fortunately, there is a solution that can help avoid this problem, and here we’ll tell you what absenteeism is, and how to prevent it on your employees.


What is absenteeism?

In simple words, absenteeism is the action carried out by employees of not following their established schedules and missing work.

Some of the reasons why employees do not comply with their work schedule can be:

  • Personal inconveniences.
  • Apathy to the work environment.
  • Lack of interest or motivation.
  • Negative attitudes with co-workers.
  • Lack of clear objectives.
  • Lack of feedback.

Among others!


HR departments are often in charge of managing absenteeism situations, which is why we recommend you read our article «4 Ways to be an efficient maintenance department» and discover how you can improve the efficiency of your department.


What problem does it represent for your company?

It is important to mention the negative effects that absenteeism has, therefore, we know that it can be an unpredictable situation, there are strategies that can help us solve the absenteeism of a certain employee, therefore, the effects of constant absenteeism can be dangerous for your company, because it directly affects the fulfilment of specific tasks and lowers performances in work groups.

In conclusion, not giving a solution to absenteeism can bring more faults due to the lack of commitment in your collaborators.

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How to solve absenteeism?

The only solution to improve the attendance of your employees is by implementing a series of policies and processes, in which we have full control and knowledge of the absent personnel and the reasons of why they do so.


Therefore, we recommend the following points:


Written absence policies

It’s a way to establish agreements and responsibilities for absences, giving employees flexibility and full knowledge of all the established measures.

Request for not attending

Encouraging the request of these forms will give more formality to absences and more flexibility behalf of the company.

Having software for absences

A software to manage the personnel and their reasons of absence will help us to have more control.

Reward program for good attendance

Rewarding collaborators who always attend will serve as an incentive to avoid absences, therefore, they’ll work harder.

Keep an active listening

Listen to the problems of your collaborators and try to find a solution together.

More flexible schedules

The flexibility of schedules is an efficient strategy to have better availability of our collaborators.


All these strategies can benefit staff retention, for more visit our blog “3 employee retention strategies with an HR implant.” and discover more ways on how to maintain a more stable workforce.

In conclusion, by implementing any of these measures, we can improve employee engagement and prevent absenteeism. The main objective is to provide as much flexibility and support as possible without affecting our business purposes and avoid absenteeism.

In case of dismissal by employees who do not comply with the established guidelines of absenteeism, after that, it will be necessary to fill those positions as soon as possible. Visit our blog “Administration of trial period personnel for the correct selection of personnel?” 


With Zeu Group, you will find the best strategies and solutions to prevent absenteeism, in other words, improve the commitment of your company’s workforce.

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