Automotive Production in Mexico: First Half 2023 Results

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The automotive production in Mexico has experienced significant growth in recent years, becoming one of the country’s main economic drivers. 

Mexico’s strategic location, skilled workforce, and favorable trade agreements have attracted numerous international automotive companies to establish automotive plants in Mexico

In this blog, we will explore Mexico’s automotive industry, focusing on key regions and their First Half 2023 results. 


Manufacturing plants in Mexico: Central Zone

One of the prominent regions for Mexican automotive manufacturers is the Central Zone. 

In the State of Mexico, we find STELLANTIS, Ford, and Audi as the main automotive companies, with production figures of 61,925, 38,238, and 79,429 vehicles respectively from January to May 2023. 

Besides, in Puebla, Audi and Volkswagen lead the production with a total of 79,429 and 118,589 vehicles respectively. 

Additionally, the states of Morelos and Hidalgo, which are home to NISSAN CIVAC and JAC, respectively, had a performance of 35,888 and 8,769.

These numbers demonstrate the importance of these plants in the central region, reaching a total production of 337,838 vehicles.


Mexican automotive supply chain: Bajio Zone

The Bajio Zone also plays a crucial role in automotive production in Mexico

In Guanajuato, General Motors, Mazda, Toyota, and Honda are the main players, with a total production of 333,842 vehicles. 

On the other hand, in Aguascalientes, Nissan stands out with plants A1 and A2, along with COMPAS, achieving a state production of 235,849 vehicles. 

Also, San Luis Potosí is another key state in this zone, with BMW and General Motors leading the Mexico’s automotive industry, reaching a total of 731,142 vehicles.


Mexican automotive manufacturers: Northern Zone

The Northern Zone also contributes significantly to Mexican automotive supply chain.

In Nuevo León, KIA stands out with a state production of 106,000 vehicles. 

Coahuila is another key state, with General Motors and STELLANTIS as the main manufacturers, reaching a total production of 210,978 vehicles. 

Sonora and Baja California also play an important role, with Ford and Toyota leading the production in each state, reaching a total of 111,429 and 63,541 vehicles respectively. 

Together, the Northern Zone achieves a regional production of 491,948 vehicles.


Top three automotive companies

Regarding the most productive automotive plants in the country, General Motors in San Luis Potosí ranks first with a capacity utilization of 102% and an installed capacity of 280,000 vehicles. 

It is followed by STELLANTIS in Saltillo, Coahuila, with a capacity utilization of 94.80% and an installed capacity of 90,000 vehicles. 

Toyota also stands out with a capacity utilization of 91.86% and an installed capacity of 166,000 vehicles. 

Nationally, the capacity utilization is 67.72% out of an installed capacity of 5,486,928 vehicles.


Automotive production in Mexico: National results

These data reveal the strong performance of the automotive plants in Mexico, as well as the importance of different regions and plants in vehicle production. 

With a total production of 1,560,928 vehicles from January to May 2023, it is clear that Mexico has established itself as a leader in automotive production in Latin America and an important player globally.


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