A possible recession is ruled out thanks to nearshoring for the manufacturing industry

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2022 was a year of challenges for manufacturing industry. Simply, it continues to affect us the economy recession of COVID-19 pandemic.

Moreover, the economy outlook is uncertain; experts predict a possible recession for economy in 2023 that will affect a lot of sectors, specially the manufactory.

Nevertheless, nearshore development can be the answer to ruled out a possible recession. That’s because nearshore is a strategy that brings benefits to all the involves.

Among the nearshore benefits is the boost of the manufacturing industry. Are you interested in know why? Keep reading!


Why nearshore?

Nearshoring is the strategy were a company send a specific part of their production to another country. Whit this, both countries benefits each other.

On the one hand, the country where the company resides use the nearshore outsourcing to satisfied their necessities in supply chains.

For the other, the hosting country creates jobs for a lot of people and benefits the economic flow whit the productivity.

In spite the nearshoring challenges, nearshore is the key to boost up manufactory industry; specially in Mexico nearshoring.


A good outlook for manufacturing industry

The nearshore development it’s a positive news for manufacturing industry; specially the mexico nearshoring.

Data of Inter-American Development Bank announces that Mexico has an advantage of around 40 billion dollars thanks to nearshoring.

But that’s not the end; growth is sought and expected of 18%. That will generate a lot of jobs, quality training and opportunities to manufacturing industry.

For that reason, economic recession doesn’t arrive. The demand for products and services continues at levels never seen before!


Nearshoring in Mexico: a strategic advantage

One of the most known commercial partners are Mexico and United States, and with all reason! Mexico nearshoring offers to US a lot of advantage, starting with the strategic geographic position.

With the closeness between both countries, the shipments can be sent by highway, railway, airway and seaway. Always thinking in the cheapest way. There’s no be nearshore challenges in this matter.

Nearshore outsourcing generates employment with manpower well qualify for manufacturing industries and these will supply the supply chains.

Sounds good the nearshore in Mexico, isn’t it? And That’s only a few nearshore benefits.


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Written by Ricardo Méndez, Copywriter

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