Manufacturing: Nearshoring boosts its production

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Nearshore is the answer to solve the problems of manufacturing process!  Whit this commercial strategy, the countries involved receive befits by equality, helping each other in their necessities.

Mexico nearshore development is good of United States because accomplish whit certain requirements.

But what is nearshoring meaning? And how nearshore boost manufacturing? Keep reading and discover it!


What is nearshore?

Talk about nearshoring is talk about the strategy of outsourcing were a foreign company transfer certain part of their production in a different country. This country preferably need to be close and with a similar time zone.

Think in nearshoring forecast is to think in all the inversions and benefits that a company will obtain once they start operation in the foreign country.

The most usually factories in nearshore development are the manufacturing ones. Also, the Mexico nearshoring is the first option to United States.


Nearshore benefits in manufacturing processes.

The principal reason is the high demand both suppliers and consumers; nearshoring have the answer to solve them.

Why we say it so sure? The US market is working with installed capacity levels above 90% in small and medium-sized companies due to demand derived from the relocation of supply chains, which gives Mexico excellent opportunities in the manufacturing.

Besides that, nearshoring in Mexico responses to the new demands of manufacturing like the technology business and electric cars. How? Whit qualified manpower or in training.

With this, the work done obtains an added value that allows Mexico to be considered for more nearshoring forecast; and this means an increase productivity in the manufacturing industry.


Why nearshoring in Mexico?

Only in 2022, Mexico produced more than the 40% of the totally production in Latin America. For that reason, Mexico is the principal commercial partner of United States and an excellent land for nearshoring development.

Also whit Mexico nearshore US companies don´t spend a lot in shipping the products for the closeness. This means a saving in time, logistic and money.

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Do you need nearshoring services?

Now that you know what is nearshore, are you interested it?

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Written by Ricardo Méndez, Copywriter

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