Current trends in nearshoring and its impact on supply chains

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The business world is undergoing significant changes in the way supply chains are managed. A lot of these changes occur by nearshoring trends in Mexico.  

In particular, the concept of nearshore outsourcing has gained popularity in recent years as an effective strategy for relocating operations and optimizing the supply chain.

Let’s discover why Mexico nearshoring has become the fashionable destination for operational relocations and how nearshoring development services are transforming global trade.


The rise of nearshoring in Mexico

Nearshoring is not a new concept, as its origins can be traced back to manufacturing schemes through maquiladoras established in Mexico. 

The Mexican Ministry of Economy recently reported a significant increase in foreign direct investment (FDI) related to nearshore opportunities

In 2022, Mexico received $35.3 billion in FDI, representing a 12% increase compared to the previous year thanks to nearshore outsourcing companies. 

Furthermore, more than 400 companies have expressed interest in business opportunities in Mexico. The automotive sector is a clear example of the confidence in Mexico nearshoring, with the presence of major companies and the investment of giants like Tesla.

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Benefits of Mexico as a nearshoring destination

The nearshore outsourcing of various operations in Latin American countries like Mexico has become increasingly attractive to companies looking to reach the North American market or other regions on the continent. 

Geopolitical factors such as a long border that allows easy access to neighboring countries, as well as the fiscal advantages offered by trade agreements like the USMCA, have made Mexico one of the favorite destinations for multinational companies seeking for nearshore development services.

In addition, Mexico offers nearshoring solutions like skilled labor at competitive costs, a highly favorable free trade agreement with the US and Canada, geographical proximity, and manufacturing clusters integrated into the North American supply chains. 

These nearshore outsourcing services enable companies to reduce transportation costs and delivery times, thus optimizing supply chain efficiency.

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Key success factors in Mexico nearshoring success

Mexico’s border states have successfully seized these nearshore opportunities by establishing industrial clusters that create virtuous circles and specialization in various sectors such as aerospace, mining, and manufacturing. 

When considering nearshoring in Mexico, companies must take into account several key factors to ensure success. 

First and foremost, it is crucial to have a favorable labor environment that allows flexibility and workforce mobility for nearshore outsourcing companies.

Additionally, regulatory certainty in Mexico’s energy sector and the promotion of clean energies are critical factors for foreign investment and nearshore development services

Moreover, innovation plays a fundamental role in the success of nearshoring. Companies need to develop new business models, leverage emerging technologies, and utilize advanced data analysis, including artificial intelligence, to optimize their operations.

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