How to make the right selection of employees

Ago 16, 2022 | Human Resources | 0 Comentarios

There are several effective ways to recruit and hire the right people for your company and improve the workplace environment.

The ideal is to start with questions that give an indication of the personality and handling of important decision-making situations.

If we are clear about the skills and knowledge we want our new employee to have, it will be easier to discard those who do not meet the profile.

You can find some value tips about employees selection in our blog Selection of the right employees to avoid ressignations.

For this reason, asking the right questions at the right time allows us to know a little about the future employees and if their abilities are suitable for the company.

If you want to do a incredible selection of future employees, we have a list of different questions to discover the perfect employee to your company:

  1. How would you define innovation?
  2. Can you give an example of a disruptive question you’ve asked in the workplace?
  3. Describe a time when there was a major change in your workplace.
  4. Can you name an example of an optional solution you’ve designed to simplify a frustrating process or time-consuming task?
  5. What is your process for making an instant choice once you don’t have a lot of information?

This kind of questions gives a opportunity to investigate deeply what is the attitude and quickly answer of the people to resolve problems and to innovate in their work place.

When you ask them, pay attention not only their answers also their body language and their words that they choice this is importante because open a door to know the way that they think and solve setbacks.

Sometimes the help of a psychologist into the recruting process is a good idea, know more about this subject in our blog Everything you need to know about occupational psychology.

The companies not only want people with great knowledge or specific titles, prefer people able of act inmediatly if happen a problem or someting is wrong and can find a quickly solution.

Consider that has a good place to work with a pacific environment and a communicative team work improve the possibility of a succesful recruting. Learn more here!

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